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The Grohkening!! True gamer moment.

2022.01.22 00:29 this_banana_ The Grohkening!! True gamer moment.

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2022.01.22 00:29 Due-Ad-8154 Am I wrong??

Last night I was talking with my cousin (for context we are both females on our 20s). She started to complain about her acne scars and some dark spots on her face, I told her they dont show so much and that it is normal since we all tend to pick our acne and end up with scars, I also mention my own acne scaring; she proceds to say that mine are less noticeable (this is not true). Then she starts to complain about her eyebrows (she does have child/baby like eyebrows) as I am trying to make her feel better I tell her she can try to have them shaped or filling them in, she proceeds to rant about how she cant make them better in anyway and that she looks weird, I told her they are fine. After she goes on about her lashes and again I am trying to make her feel better so I tell her she has nice lashes (which is not a lie) she says she wishes her lashes were longer and then tells me to look down, I did it, and then she says “well you have short lashes” (well I might not have mile long lashes but I have been told multiple times they are decently long) she literaly said this with a degrading tone, now I am offended because all I was trying to do was make her feel better and she felt the need to put me down after that; I get that sometimes we just want someone to agree with us but am I the asshole?
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2022.01.22 00:29 always1hungry Costs

Oral surgeon said that there's about an 8% insurance approval rate fo DJW, which is what I need for my overbite. If I wanted to go through with the surgery, I'd probably end up paying 30,000 out of pocket. I live in Texas btw & have bcbs.
For anyone who has paid out of pocket, was the surgery worth it to you? Were the changes really life changing?
&& if you paid in full, how did you do it? Lol saved for it? Got a loan?
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2022.01.22 00:29 Active-Race9949 What are some good products or remedies for acne?

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2022.01.22 00:29 CouponingLady_ Desk Lamp with Charger & USB Port $26

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2022.01.22 00:29 Insertwittynamehere5 Unread

All credit to Kat Howard, Fantasy Magazine
The most dangerous moment in any story is the beginning.
As the story opens, every ending is equally possible, every path unwalked, every question not only unanswered, but unasked.
The unread story is infinite possibility. Yet the ending is already written, and though you be clever, though you be brave, there is no outwitting it.
Are you brave enough to begin? If so, turn to page 1. If not, remain safe. Close the book and return it to the shelf. No one will think any less of you.

  1. You find yourself standing in a beautiful garden. It teems with all the birds of the air, and all of the creatures of the Earth, and every good thing that grows. As you explore, you feel an incredible sense of peace and rightness, as if the garden had been created just for you.
This is the place you belong. Still, you are restless and lonely. You begin to explore your surroundings. At the western edge of the garden, there is a gate. Do you walk through?
If yes, turn to page 3.
If no, turn to page 2.

  1. You wish to see more of the garden before you leave its bounds. Soon, you are glad you have chosen as you did, for you find the perfect companion for all your days and nights. You come to believe you have found a new Eden, as well. It seems impossible for a place so perfect to be other than Paradise. When they are born, you name your children Kane and Abelle.
This will prove to be a mistake.

  1. Gates, like books, are meant to be opened, and you would never be truly content if you did not know what lay on the other side. You pass through the gate and enter into a dark forest. You hesitate for a moment, look back, but the forest stretches behind you as if the garden had never been.
You continue on.
Shadows deepen. An owl calls. Something cries out at a distance and is silenced. You grow chilled, and your feet develop a talent for finding uneven spots of ground, tree roots, and rocks. After the third time you fall, you lean against the very tree whose roots last tangled your feet.
The bark prickles and rubs against your back, but it is a welcome distraction from your bruised knees and skinned palms. Your bones are weary and your muscles ache.
You crave sleep. A brief rest to fortify yourself for your journey. Do you close your eyes?
If so, turn to page 4. If not, turn to page 5.

4.>! You close your eyes, and drift into sleep. When you awaken, you are in your own bed. The previous events were a dream, which has already begun to fade.!<
You spend the rest of your life trying to return to the winding path in the dark forest. You never will.

  1. You scrub your hands across your eyes and push yourself back to your feet. The path takes you on a short, downhill curve, and winds around to the door of an inn. The Quill and Ink, reads the sign over the door. You smile, and enter.
Inside, there is warmth, the hearty scent of food, and a group of people singing songs both off-key and bawdy.
You slide seamlessly into the small community, and feel refreshed after you have shared a meal and stood a round of drinks.
Eventually, you notice the singing has died down, replaced by a rapt silence. There is a knot of people wound tight around the fire, telling stories. At first, you simply listen, but then you are asked to tell a tale of your own. It is the tale, not the coin, that will pay your shelter for the night.
Do you tell a story?
If yes, turn to page 6. If no, turn to page 7.

  1. You are warm and happy, and just drunk enough to think that telling a story is something you can do. You invoke the muse, and she speaks through you. When you finish, only the crackling of the fire breaks the silence. You watch as, next to you, a single tear trickles down a perfect cheek.
It is the last story you will ever tell.

  1. The only story you know is your own, you say, and you must continue on to know how it ends. You make your excuses, and stand one more round before you leave to ensure there will be no hurt feelings, and, more importantly, no knives in the back as you walk through the door.
The air is crisp, and you are refreshed. The moon limns the trees in silver, and makes clear your path. You hear music, so beautiful that at first you wonder if you are dreaming. The pound of the drums speeds the pulse of your heart and the skirl of the strings pulls you through the night.
By the time you reach the standing stones, you are very nearly dancing down the path. Inside the ring of stones, the dancers spin and leap, a bright chaos of form and shape, carried along by an exultation of song.
You want, as you cannot remember wanting anything, to cross into the stone circle and join the dance. Do you?
If yes, turn to page 8. If no, turn to page 9.

8. As you step through the ring, every hair on your body stands as if electrified. Your feet begin to move in a complex pattern you were never taught, but now know in your blood.
You do not wish to ever stop dancing. It is unlikely you ever will.

  1. You linger, just for a while, held by the unaccustomed beauty of the music. You watch the faces of the dancers, and wonder if it is joy that holds their mouths wide, burns their eyes bright. You cannot tell.
You decide you would rather choose your own steps, and so you turn away. At first, your feet seem heavy, not quite your own, but as you continue to walk, your steps become easier.
You believe that you are lucky, that you have continued to escape fates you would rather not own, and so you do not concern yourself with the rain that has begun to fall.
But the soft trickle becomes a pelting, and you duck into a crevice in the hillside. The interior of the hill opens up before you like a dark cathedral. A staircase, worn into the rock by millennia of pilgrim feet, rings the edge of the space and spirals downward.
You walk down the stairs, and as you do, memories unweave inside your head. The best and worst moments of your life play out, with a clarity they did not have when you first experienced them.
But there is something else. Perhaps. A second set of footsteps on the stairs. A whisper, a bare rustle in the dark. Easy enough to dismiss, to pretend that you do not feel the weight of a presence in the darkness behind you.
The spiral of the staircase becomes tighter, inexorable. The following tread impossible to ignore. The steps come a half-beat after yours, a shadow’s echo.
You pause, hoping whoever—and, oh, how you hope it is a whoever, here in the dark under the hill—will continue on past you, but the steps pause as well.
Surely, you think, if it had meant to hurt you, surely it would already have done that. Knowing would be better than imagining an expanding catalogue of horrors.
Do you turn to look back?
If yes, turn to page 10. If no, turn to page 11.

  1. You’ve been reading the alternate endings, haven’t you? Of course I know. I know everything that happens in all of the stories I hold.
Did you think I wouldn’t notice that you’re cheating?
Do you not understand that stories have rules?
You feel a pulling, and then are buffeted by a whirlwind. You hear something tear, feel a page come loose from your bindings.
You find yourself back at the beginning, holding a book.
You open the cover. Once upon a time.

  1. You continue walking, three steps more. Then a hand slips into yours, and the story ends as all stories must: with the snip of a thread and the crossing of a river. You pay the ferryman with coins plucked from your own eyelids.
You pass beyond the realm of the page.
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2022.01.22 00:29 dovesnravens No miscommunication fic recommendations.

Any recs for med-slow burn fix’s that don’t rely on no communication/miscommunication? I want straight talking, I know what I want and I’m asking for it Dramoine!
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2022.01.22 00:29 Simonbargiora What happens in the 9th day of Starfleet academy?

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2022.01.22 00:29 Rae-Edzo If I connect the black and white wires of the cord to the contact prongs of the motor, and plugged into an outlet, will the motor rotate?

I took apart a microwave. Photo of what Im talking about . I want to repurpose the motor. I dont want to burn my house down.
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2022.01.22 00:29 ririejdj39292 I can't get a gf and I've tried everything

What do I do?
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2022.01.22 00:29 peliculin Mikey Saber es una estrella porno fallida que regresa a su pequeña ciudad natal de Texas. Nadie lo ha extrañado y realmente nadie lo quiere de regreso.

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