(WTB) I am once again asking for your BCM 12” MCMR/QRF or a 12.625 MI combat series rail. $130-$170 depending on sodium. (GA)

2021.10.27 22:54 brazm (WTB) I am once again asking for your BCM 12” MCMR/QRF or a 12.625 MI combat series rail. $130-$170 depending on sodium. (GA)

Any color but prefer black and for the rail to have the mounting hardware
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2021.10.27 22:54 RakuIchijou_14 I got hacked.😭

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2021.10.27 22:54 icestrawberries I am 31 years old, a hardware engineer on maternity leave in the Silicon Valley and make $235,000 + stock.

Whoops, posted this in the wrong place! Clearly haven’t used Reddit in too long. Because it always comes up that the numbers don’t add up… I bought a condo for $450k in 2014 and sold it for $900k in 2018. I invested the proceeds and they have grown quite a bit because the market has been great. We also save/invest everything we can and probably save ~50%+ of our earnings each year.
Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance: I have ~$1.5M in investments, ~$284k in my Roth IRA (I have access to the mega backdoor and recently rolled everything into my Roth instead of keeping it in my 401k), ~$419k in 401k. ~$350k in my illiquid company stock and $140k in a 529 for baby. No info on my husband’s accounts, sorry.
Home Equity: ~$415k in equity split between us (so $207k for my share)
Savings Balance: $0. We used to keep money in a HYSA as an emergency fund, but we pulled it all to put it into the market after one of the crashes. We generally keep a decent amount in our checking accounts and neither of us is at risk of losing our job, so we are comfortable not having an actual emergency fund. We are also okay with selling investments if truly needed.
Checking Balance: $31k
HSA Balance: $28k
Student Loan Debt: $0. I had generous financial aid for undergrad and my parents paid the rest by doing a cash-out refinance. I paid for my graduate degree myself by working part time while doing it.
Car Loan: $56k. We recently bought a new car and maxed this out because the interest rate was so low.
Section Two: Income
Main Job Salary: Salary: $190,000 + $45,000 bonus. I also get stock, but it is illiquid and hard to measure how much it’s worth. In theory, I get ~$50-100k per year, but who knows. $250,000 for my husband.
Side Job Salary: After taxes and expenses, I make $10-$20k from side business. I’ve scaled back this year because of baby, so I will probably be around $10k after taxes/expenses.
Paycheck Amount (Biweekly): $4500 after taxes, insurances, etc.
Section Three: Expenses
Monthly Expenses
Mortgage + HOA + Property Taxes: $2450 for my share (down $500 total because we refinanced again). Total $5400-$1500 from renting out our spare room.
Electric & Gas: ~$60 for my share… this has gone up a lot since baby!
Internet: $15 ($75 covered by my company)
Phone: $0 (covered by my company)
Car Payments/Insurance: $500 for my portion
Amazon Prime: My husband pays for this out of his account
Netflix: My parents have a family plan
Expenses deducted from (biweekly) paycheck:
Life Insurance: $19.20
Dental: $4.30
Long term Disability: $18.34
Vision: $1.55
Health Insurance: $80.44
Legal Plan: $7.95
Yearly Expenses
HSA: $4600 + $2700 seed from my employer
Pre-tax 401k: $19500 + 50% employer matching, which I max at the beginning of the year using my bonus.
After-tax 401k: $28750, which I max at the beginning of the year with my paychecks rather than spreading it out.
Roth IRA via backdoor: $6000
SEP-IRA: ~$2000 (20% of whatever I make on my side business. I don’t do this until I do my taxes and then I roll it over into my company 401k)
Day One
4:20 - Ouch, baby is awake. I nurse her and we both go back to sleep.
6:30 - Baby wakes up again and I take her downstairs so we don't bother my husband. I ask the baby if she is hungry and she pulls her hand out of her sleeve (she has eczema so we put sleeves on her to keep her from scratching) and makes the milk sign, haha.
8:30 - Time for baby to go back to sleep and I fall asleep with her as well.
9:15 - Ugh, baby is already awake. Luckily my husband grabs her and lets me sleep in some more. Does it count as sleeping in if you have woken up for many hours already??
10:30 - I get up and take over watching baby while my husband works. He's on calls all morning.
1:00 - Baby is down for her second nap, so I decide to make a basque cheesecake. There was a whole craze over these and I snagged us a Basuku cheesecake a few months back, but it felt like it was a little overhyped, to be honest. I've been tweaking a recipe I found online and feel like it's not quite like Basuku, but it's pretty damn good and way cheaper and more convenient to make it ourselves. This time I use some techniques from Bravetart to hopefully get an even smoother texture and also try replacing some of the cream with passionfruit puree.
2:30 - Baby is up, but my husband is still working, so I take her downstairs to the play area and we hang out and play a bit.
4:15 - Our friends text us and say they'll be dropping off some bagels we ordered. I pack up a quarter of our basque cheesecake to give to them as a thank you for picking the bagels up for us.
5:00 - My work put together a mentorship program and I'm thinking about trying to snag a spot with the head of my group (my skip manager's manager)
7:45 - Baby is asleep, so it's time to eat! We are lazy and decide to just have bagels for dinner. Unfortunately, our lox is very very old... like... months past its best by date. Even though it seems fine, we decide not to risk it and just have bagels with cream cheese. The bagels are sourdough and tasty... but my husband says they're not as good as the ones I make. Ah well, it was fun to try them out!
8:15 - My husband goes back to work so I do some work as well.
9:50 - My husband comes down to do the dishes and he brings down some really old bottle parts... they're so old and gross that we throw them away. Unfortunately, it means we don't have enough nipples for next Saturday when I'm going to be away. I go on Buy Buy Baby and order some more. I also add in a few bibs to hit the $35 minimum for free shipping. ($42.99)
Daily Total: $42.99
Day Two
5:20 - Baby wakes up and I nurse her. We both go back to sleep afterwards.
8:09 - Baby is up for the day! I nurse her again even though I should really take her downstairs to feed her some solids.. it just feels like too much effort though.
9:00 - I drop the baby off with my husband because I have a call with a PT. We talk about my wrist pain and back pain. She mentions some exercises through an app and that I should maybe see a hand specialist about my wrist after the pain subsides.
9:30 - I message my friend who is a hand therapist to see if the advice aligns and she diagnoses me and offers some gentle stretches. She also suggests I see a PT in person for my back… which I have been meaning to do, but have been too lazy to find someone in-network. Now that I am fully off for the remainder of my maternity leave though, I tell myself I should make some calls. Ugh. I hate getting on the phone, haha.
9:45 - Husband brings baby down and I try feeding her some solids. She makes a huge mess and gets almost no food in her… it’s one of those days. Husband takes baby off to bathe her.
10:00 - I have a FaceTime call with some friends! I used to live with them more than five years ago but they moved to New York. We have been keeping in touch over FaceTime, which has been nice. Husband drops the baby off with me because he has to work even though it is the weekend. Baby waves bye at him as he walks up the stairs… adorable!
10:30 - Our Safeway delivery has been dropped off and I text my husband to ask him to grab it since I am still on the FaceTime. ($65.23)
11:30 - Baby is making the milk sign and saying Mama, so I end my call with my friends and feed the baby. I also send a text to my friends saying it was great to catch up and offer to make them something for their upcoming baby! They take me up on my offer to make a quilt for them and I’m excited to pick out fabrics for it.
12:45 - My husband is done with his calls but still has some work to do. He comes down to hang out with baby though and says he will try to finish his work while she is napping and then we can go on a walk. I take advantage of the time away from her to make some rice krispy treats. Unfortunately Safeway delivered Frosted Rice Krispies.. hopefully it’ll still work?
2:40 - Baby is up, but my husband is still working, so we hang out in the play area.
4:00 - Husband is finally done so we go on a walk.
5:45 - I fall asleep while we are playing with baby… I wake up again when I hear something drop upstairs. My husband had to work again and took baby upstairs with him, so I get up and play with her.
7:30 - Time for baby to sleep and time for us to eat. I make fajitas while husband finishes up some more work.
9:00 - Husband goes back to work and I do some work for my side business.
10:00 - I text our friends who got us the bagels to remind them to let us know how much they were. They say it's a fair trade for the cheesecake... but it's really not, haha. I promise to make them another cheesecake the next time I make one.
10:30 - Baby is awake and needs to be fed again. I feed her, husband cuddles her for a bit and we put her down again.
Daily Total: $65.23
Day Three
2:10 - Baby wakes up crying and is standing up in her crib. She definitely doesn’t need to be fed so I give her her pacifier and lay her down again. She cries for a little bit more and falls back asleep.
5:20 - I nurse baby and we both go back to sleep afterwards.
8:00 - Baby and I both get up for the second time. I make an omelette for both of us with broccoli and leek, putting cheese on my half of it and salting it afterwards. Baby actually really likes it and eats more than I expect. I save some omelette for later. I noticed that my clients have sent over a retainer and signed their contract.
9:30 - I text my husband to see if he is awake. He comes down and plays with baby for a bit while I eat breakfast. Then he goes to get ready for the day and start working.
10:00 - Baby is down for her nap, so I sew her scratch sleeves because they are currently too big for her. Baby has eczema and will scratch while she sleeps and these are the only things that have helped! They are sleeves that have silk mittens sewn on the ends of them and she can’t pull them off as easily as mittens.
12:00 - Husband comes downstairs for lunch. Baby is SO excited to see him, it’s very cute. I feed her some solids while husband eats.
3:00 - I run downstairs when I hear the doorbell! I’ve been waiting for a package for my friend who is proposing to his girlfriend. He sent the ring to me because he didn’t want his girlfriend to get the package, haha.
3:11 - Baby is asleep for her last nap of the day so I try to get some work done.
4:00 - My sister and nephew FaceTime, but baby isn’t awake yet. We chat for a bit before baby wakes up. We FaceTime almost every day and it’s very cute how much my nephew loves baby. Baby is starting to get to the point where she is interested in the people she sees in the screen rather than just the screen too!
6:30 - I take baby to the potty (we are intermittently trying to potty train her because man, her poops are very smelly now that she eats solids!) As I set her down, my back twinges, which worries me… I really need to make some calls to find an in-network PT. My husband is running a bit late with work, so I drop baby off with him and he holds her for the remainder of his call.
7:30 - Baby is down and we make fajitas for dinner again because we still have lots of tritip and veggies. I also decide to make a spiced applesauce cake with cream cheese frosting to use up the applesauce I made for baby and latkes a while back. It turns out delicious!
10:00 - My back is still hurting, so I text my masseuse and ask her if she has any early morning availability. I wish we felt comfortable with me going into work for massages, but massages there are indoors, so it feels like more risk than we should take. We schedule a massage for next week.
Daily Total: $0
Day Four
2:00 - Baby wakes up again and is very sad. She can’t put herself back to sleep, so I end up picking her up, changing her, and rocking her for a bit.
5:30 - Baby is up, I nurse her and we go back to sleep
7:30 - Baby is up again. I take her downstairs to play before our housekeeper arrives. We have our housekeeper clean the second floor while we stay on the third floor for COVID safety reasons. I then drop her off with my husband and take a shower.
10:30 - Baby is up again and my husband is working, so it’s my time to watch her. It’s always a little harder upstairs because she doesn’t have a big play area. Baby is very curious and can always find all the cords and things she isn’t supposed to have, so we try to keep her contained. We recently got this pop up play pen and it is amazing!! It sets up and breaks down in seconds and has the coolest pop up mechanism. My engineer husband was geeking out over it, haha. It’s big enough for me to sit comfortably in there with her, so we play for a while, though she spends a decent amount of time trying to escape, haha. Par for course.
12:00 - Housekeeper is done, so I run down to pay her and thank her. Seriously the best $120 we spend each week. So worth it! My husband jokes that if we get rich he wants a housekeeper to come twice a week. It’s kind of amazing how messy the house gets in just a week… Husband takes his lunch break and we have leftover fajitas for lunch. I also manage to get some solids into baby and notice that she has her third tooth! No wonder she was so sad last night. ($120)
2:00 - Baby is down for another nap, so I do some more work. I’m wrapping up a project for a client and am excited to be able to deliver it today! I’m all caught up and only have one big project remaining for the year, though I have some smaller ones.
6:00 - My husband finishes on time today because we have a weekly zoom chat with some friends. We’ve been doing this for years now and used to meet in person until the pandemic hit. Now half of the group lives in a different state but we still try to meet up almost every week and it’s one of my favorite nights! Our friends recently announced their pregnancy to us and today they share that their house offer got accepted as well, which is super exciting. We stay on a bit later to chat with one of our other friends who is having some workplace issues. Husband and I both offer our take on the situation.
8:00 - We have hot pot for dinner, which is good because we are running very late and there is basically zero prep.
9:00 - I put the final touches on my project and send it out to my clients. Husband goes upstairs to work and I consider starting on the quilt for my friend, but decide to take a break instead and just lie down and read instead.
11:00 - Time to feed baby!
12:00 - Baby still doesn’t want to go to sleep… I feed her again and she finally calms down and goes to sleep.
Daily Total: $120
Day Five
5:30 - Baby slept through the night! 5:30 is still early, but doable. I feed her and we both go back to sleep.
7:30 - Baby is up for the day so I take her downstairs and we play for a while.
12:00 - We have ramen for lunch with some leftover chicken and ramen broth that I froze. Quick and easy!
3:00 - I realize we have no buns for burgers, so I start making them. I have a brioche-style recipe that was our go-to but have also been making them with sourdough starter. I like eating the brioche-style by themselves more, but the sourdough ones are a bit more sturdy for burgers. The sourdough ones take an overnight rise though, so brioche ones it is!
4:00 - My sister calls on her way home from work because she's tired and just needs someone to keep her company. My poor nephew gets pretty tired by the end of the car ride though and demands that she sings Row Your Boat to him on repeat, so we hang up. I do some embroidery while we are on the call and the baby climbs around me.
4:45 - My sister makes it home and FaceTimes us so that my mom can hang out with baby.
5:00 - I decide to go on a walk without my husband since he is likely going to be working late so we won't get our walk in.
6:30 - Husband is finally off work and we call his mom so she can see the baby.
8:00 - We have burgers for dinner and my husband has to go back to work. I end up cleaning up the kitchen and loading as much of the dishwasher as I can so he has less to do. I grab some frozen kouign amann out of the freezer to proof overnight as an anniversary treat for the next day.
Daily Total: $0
Day Six
1:30 - Baby wakes up.. I give her her pacifier and she goes back to sleep
3:30 - Baby wakes up again and cries for quite a while before I relent and pick her up. I hold her for fifteen minutes before putting her down again… she is not pleased.
4:30 - I give up and feed baby even though it is way too early.
5:00 - Baby finally falls back asleep
6:50 - Baby wakes up again and I can’t handle it. I drop baby off with my husband. I try to feed her before doing so, but she isn’t really interested.
9:30 - Baby wakes up again after 33 minutes, which is less than her usual sleep cycle :( she must be hungry… I pick her up and take her downstairs. I also pop the kouign amann into the oven.
10:30 - I can't find baby's toothbrush, so I decide to buy some off of Amazon. I look for some other Same Day things to add to my cart and realize cookbooks are on sale and end up buying three cookbooks as well, oops. ($60.07)
1:15 - Baby is off for her last nap of the day. I start prepping corn for corn risotto and get the corn stock going on the stove. I decide I want to make our wedding cake, but need blueberries for it. I take a quick look at the baby and she should still be asleep for at least thirty minutes. I literally run across the street to the grocery store to look for blueberries, but they don’t have them!!
1:45 - I think I might be able to drive to Luckys and get some blueberries there before baby wakes up… worst case she’ll cry in the crib a bit and my husband may be able to rescue her. Unfortunately, the car refuses to start and I have to hard reset it. Looks like the computer froze and ate up a bunch of the battery, so lame. I make it to Luckys and am in and out in a few minutes. I realize when I get home that I should've grabbed some milk as well... ugh. ($4.99)
2:10 - Baby is still sleeping, so I start mixing up the lemon chiffon cake. We have some frozen lemon curd so I won’t need to make that, which is nice.
2:40 - Baby wakes up in the middle of making the cake, so I put her in the ring sling and finish the cake before going to play with her. We’ll just have to do the Swiss Meringue buttercream later!
4:30 - We FaceTime my family and I put the baby in the ring sling and make the Swiss Meringue buttercream.
6:10 - My husband is done with work... he was trying to finish early because it was our anniversary, but that didn't go to plan, haha. It was a nice thought though.
7:30 - I frost and assemble the cake as my husband puts the baby down. We sear a ribcap and have it with the corn risotto and broccoli for dinner. It's a pretty good anniversary dinner!
Daily Total: $65.06
Day Seven
5:00 - Baby wakes up and I feed her, we go back to sleep.
7:00 - Baby is up for the day and we go hang out downstairs in the play area.
9:00 - My husband has an early call, so he doesn't get to see baby much today.
12:30 - My husband comes down for lunch and we have a very fast lunch with corn risotto and some panko chicken. I feed baby some solids while I'm at it.
1:30 - Baby climbs over the gate and on top of the cushions we have to block her out from our window seat… we’re probably going to have to figure something out there!
3:30 - My SIL FaceTimes me, but baby is still sleeping so I text her that we will call her later. I marinate some chicken for dinner and put some yogurt flatbread on to rise.
4:00 - Baby wakes up and I call my SIL back. Sadly, we still aren't sure when she is going to get to meet baby, so until then we do FaceTime.
7:30 - We have a grilled fattoush salad for dinner and it is delicious! We'll have enough for leftovers for my husband tomorrow when I'm out.
Daily Total: $0
Home: $120
Baby Stuff + Cookbooks: $103.06
Groceries: $70.22
Weekly Total: $293.28
This is a pretty normal week for us, though our groceries go up/down depending on what we are stocking up on for the upcoming weeks. I definitely have random baby purchases most weeks, whether it is for feeding supplies or clothes or diapers, etc.
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2021.10.27 22:54 GrayFarm Meme Coin Question

I've been trading "good" coins for a while now, and taking home okay profits here and there. The sad thing is that I bought Shib on a whim, and have made more with that purchase in 3 days that I made with all of my other buys combined.
So I ask this. What do you recommend for the next random irresponsible gamble? Emax? If I take $25,000 of my profits and put it into Emax I'll have over a trillion coins. With those kinds of numbers, it doesn't take much of a "celebrity pump" to equal serious profits.
Thoughts? I know that it's pure speculation. I just want to know what people think.
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2021.10.27 22:54 NYslice When someone wants something for themself but they say it’s because someone else they are with needs it. What is that called? And can it fall under narcissism or gaslighting?

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2021.10.27 22:54 GuiltyBill11 Pikmin bloom initial thoughts

Just started playing. Only went on two walks with it so far. It’s alright. I personally like it a lot because I love pikmin so much, but I don’t see why any non-pikmin fans would play this. There simply isn’t as much to do in this game as Pokémon go. If you’re gonna have a game open while walking, I don’t know why the average person wouldn’t choose the more popular and frankly, more fun Pokémon go.
It’s a fun little app but I don’t see what keeps you coming back. There isn’t much “game” here so it’s really not a game for you unless you already like taking walks “which I do”.
Maybe it just hasn’t clicked yet. Maybe I’m supposed to be playing way more passively and it’s more like a game you “check in” on occasionally.
As it is though, it’s just a fine app. If it weren’t pikmin, I wouldn’t be into it. But since it is pikmin, I’ll probably play it for a long time
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2021.10.27 22:54 DR6161 Express hotel question

If we stay at the cedar point express hotel can we use the gate near magnum during the hour early entry to the park?
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2021.10.27 22:54 daddadnc Bought two pairs of men's medium shorts. Need a L. Of course they won't take them back. Anyone want them? Will trade for one pair of L.

Title says it all I guess.
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2021.10.27 22:54 ohhtoodless Someone shared their AncestryDNA results & had a high percentage of German. Read the comment.

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2021.10.27 22:54 askkthrowaway is Shiba Inu about to get rug pulled or not? It’s been around the same price for a few hours so I don’t know what I should be expecting to happen next.

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2021.10.27 22:54 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Jäger 619] [Crimson Jäger 619: Camazotz] [Darkslide] [Lime Toon Sketch] [Cruze]

[Titanium White Jäger 619] [Crimson Jäger 619: Camazotz] [Darkslide] [Lime Toon Sketch] [Cruze] submitted by RLCD-Bot to RLCustomDesigns [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 22:54 wolfey-19 is it bad if I remember someone as "Big Booby Girl"

I don't know her name, but I know she's got huge honkers.
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2021.10.27 22:54 Erogaki Had our boy for almost 2 months now and we are in love. 🥰 2nd pic is how we found him sick and meowing for help

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2021.10.27 22:54 cshelpplz101 Boss says I do the bare minimum yet still recommended me for a permanent position. What do I make of this?

Just had my 90-day review for my FTC job. There were two ratings I could receive: “below expectations” and “meets expectations”. Overall, my supervisor wrote on my report that I “meet expectations” and that she would recommend me for a permanent position.
I did however score a mark of “below expectations” in 6 of the 19 categories. Some of them were minor things (being too reliant on instructions for example). One thing that really bothered me was that my boss said I do the bare minimum. She didn’t write this down on my official report but she mentioned it to me verbally. This really bothered me because I personally feel like I go above and beyond at work. I never miss any deadlines and I always do way more than what’s asked of me. There are times where I even come in early to help with the workload (I don’t even record those hours on my time sheet) and I frequently skip my break just to help out others with their work.
I told her that that comment bothered me a bit and she expressed that what she meant by that comment was that I’m not fast enough. This was also weird to me because she has mentioned in the past that my speed has improved and I’m performing at the right speed.
It’s also confusing to me how she thinks I do the bare minimum, yet still gave me an overall rating of meets expectations and recommended me for a permanent position.
I think I’ve bothered her enough about the whole bare minimum comment (went to her 3 times already to discuss it) so I’d like to ask Reddit for their insights. Is this just my supervisor giving me some “tough love” treatment or am I really a bad employee?
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2021.10.27 22:54 Tough-Fuel-3493 2021.36.5.5 installed but can’t adjust charge rate or schedule

As the title says my car just received the update, app is at 4.2.2 but no options for this. Anyone else update yet and have this issue?
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2021.10.27 22:54 Apprehensive-Fail663 How Do I Know if I’ve Been Hacked?

I have an intense fear of getting hacked since I was like 13. I think the best way for me to know if I am or not is to ask people for signs and how hacks usually occur.
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2021.10.27 22:54 Additional_Click_475 My best art

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2021.10.27 22:54 swagolisious2 (problem) rekordbox dvs control vinyl turntable slow down

Hi I use rekordbox interface for dvs With 2 Stanton str8 100 turntables And a behringer 4 channel mixer
When I perform sometime. Usually at least 1 time a set. My sound on one channel get slowed down and unusable and distorts and lags.
I think it's more a signal issue.
As my turntable had a phono/line switch as must do. And when this problem happens. I can turn that channel to internal mode and switch that switch from phono back to line (as it should be with rekordbox interface input) the signal fixes and I can control the sound accurately again with my control vinyl.
Also I can replace the rc cables and that will fix the signal/sound problem.
So I think it's a signal problem. If anyone can help me make this not happen I'd be appreciative. It's horrible for live gigs when the dance floor is bumping an than the sound just slows down and sound demonic and warbled. I mean I catch it quick with internal mode. But none the less it's undesirable .
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2021.10.27 22:54 Zeck683 Its beautiful..

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2021.10.27 22:54 Theobould New PC advice

Let me know if this needs to be posted elsewhere but thought I would start here with like minded people.
I’ve got a PC on its last leg and need to replace it. I would rather go ahead and get a quality PC rather than be cheap. Especially since we extensively use very large Revit files, Risa Integration, etc. and that Windows 11 is soon to be widespread.
In the past we went to HP’s website and selected a good product and used the upgrade features for graphics card, RAM, etc.
There are a million different ways to go now with all of the different gaming setups available so I’m just reaching out to see what kind of suggestions or advice are out there.
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2021.10.27 22:54 PerkyPlaysYT New merch?

Does anyone know when he’ll be dropping a new merch line or where I can buy older merch that isn’t on the site anymore?
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2021.10.27 22:54 I_suck_at_driving_ I'm a good friend I swear, I'm just antisocial

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2021.10.27 22:54 bot_neen Resguardan a 67 migrantes en Veracruz

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2021.10.27 22:54 Pookie8005 Im pathetic yes but sauce pls? I can delete after

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2021.10.27 22:54 4ndrw1xx any lambos bought yet?

we always had WEN LAMBOS, and i recently saw a fellow $HIB holder liquidate and get himself a BMW E92 M3.
I strongly encourage NOW LAMBO posts!
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